Doubek Compounding Pharmacy of Illinois

Doubek Pharmacy’s professionally trained and licensed team provides customized services that help meet an individual’s unique healthcare needs in Alsip Illinois.

We fill prescriptions in a new, state-of-the-art, compounding facility using the best ingredients ensuring preparations meet and exceed the highest standards in the industry. Our ingredients and equipment are from trusted sources in the United States, while our finished preparations undergo regular voluntary tests by a third party laboratory to verify purity and potency.

Every patient is different. Compounded prescriptions are an essential part of quality medical care in treating a patient’s unique needs.

Our ultimate goal is to help physicians and patients achieve a more positive and cost-effective therapeutic outcome by adjusting dosage, strength, size, and flavor. Compounded medications can also be a great fit for those requiring allergen-free or gluten-free prescriptions. We can also fill prescriptions that are no longer commercially available.

At Doubek Compounding Pharmacy of Illinois, we are able to compound all non-sterile formulations, including custom flavored medicine for you, your child, and your pet.

We have over 100 different flavors and a dozen dosage forms that we can choose from to improve the taste of the medicine and the outcome of the therapy.

Complete health care is our business

Doubek Pharmacy strives to be more than just a friendly neighborhood drug store for you and your loved ones. The full-service compounding pharmacy is part of the family owned Doubek Medical Supply & Pharmacy, an organization of experienced professionals specializing in quality “people” care for over 60 years. Serviced by medical professionals, Doubek Medical Supply & Pharmacy provides for all a patient’s needs from pharmaceuticals to medical supplies and equipment.

Questions? Please call Illinois Compounding Pharmacy, Doubek Pharmacy, directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 303 to fill a current prescription, discuss your bioidentical hormone compounding needs or if you are a practitioner who is interested in our services.